Mobile Donations/Text-to-Give Now Available!

We are pleased to announce that we now support donations by text messaging! Donors who text “give” or “donate” to your organization’s special phone number will receive a link to a mobile-friendly donation page. You can pick any available phone number or port an existing number to the service. Text-to-give even supports recurring monthly donations! On the back end, text-to-give mobile donations can be assigned to a specific campaign, fund and appeal.

The images below show the complete text-to-give mobile donation experience. After the donation is submitted, the donor automatically receives an email confirmation and receipt; you can even attach a signed and personalized acknowledgement letter. 

Text-to-give mobile donations for Doubleknot are available now

After a one-time set up fee, there are no additional subscription fees for our mobile donations solution. For more information or to start using text-to-give mobile donations, contact us at

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