New Twitter Account for System Updates

We’re happy to announce a single, dedicated Twitter account for system news and updates. Starting immediately, @DoubleknotOps will only be used to deliver information to our customers. Our marketing messages, industry news and other information of general interest to mission-based organizations will use @HelloDoubleknot

If you already follow @DoubleknotInc, you don’t need to make any changes—the name change is seamless and you’re already following @DoubleknotOps.

To ensure that you always receive important system information as quickly as possible, we strongly urge all Doubleknot administrators to follow @DoubleknotOps and set notifications so that you receive tweets from that account immediately. To enable notifications, follow these steps:

  1. Display the @DoubleknotOps Twitter page.
  2. If you don’t already follow the account, click Follow.
  3. Click Turn on Mobile Notifications and follow any additional prompts to enable Twitter notifications for your account.
Follow @DoubleknotOps for the latest system news and updates
Clicking the Turn on Mobile Notifications button. When the feature is enabled, the button will display a check mark instead of a plus sign.

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