Eliminate camp check-in lines with iPhones and iPads


Summer camps are right around the corner! If you’re using Doubleknot for camp and program registration, you should also plan to use our Sales Station app to speed check-in and simplify the first day of camp:

  • Instead of lining up groups of campers alphabetically and searching paper files, staff can quickly look up any registration and check the campers in immediately.
  • If the registration is incomplete or there’s a balance due, you can collect payment on the spot without requiring staff to handle cash or keep track of paperwork. The payment is automatically recorded!
  • It’s easy for campers and families to add options and buy merchandise.

All you need to use the Sales Station app is an iPhone or iPad! Click here for complete information on how to get started.

If you have any questions at all, let us know at Support@doubleknot.com and we’ll get you started using Sales Station with plenty of time before the campers arrive.

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