Four Ways to Go Green for Earth Day

Four ways your museum, zoo, nature center or scout council can go green for Earth Day!

In honor of Earth Day on April 22, here are four environmentally friendly ways that Doubleknot can help your organization reduce paper waste, increase efficiency and provide great service while lowering administrative costs.

  • Replace paper forms with online forms. Constituents prefer online forms because they’re easy to fill out, and they don’t have to pay for postage. For your organization, eliminating paper in favor of online forms means that staff spends less time deciphering handwriting, filing paperwork, checking records and making calls to track down missing information.
  • Offer electronic membership materials. When you send electronic member welcome packets, new members receive their information and materials immediately. Print-at-home and mobile membership cards can be used right away, and members never have to worry about losing their card. And, your organization will save on printing and postage.
  • Issue electronic event and admission tickets. With print-at-home and mobile tickets, visitors and event participants don’t need to worry about losing their tickets or leaving them at home—they can reprint easily or display them on their smartphone. Your organization saves money on supplies by reducing or eliminating the need for ticket printers.
  • Rely on electronic receipts. Reduce the amount of time that visitors wait in line by sending electronic receipts as email or as text messages. You’ll also spend less money on supplies and eliminate the frustration of replacing the receipt printer’s paper while customers are waiting to check out.

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