Top Five Signs You Need New Membership Management Software

Top 5 Signs You Need New Membership Management Software

When you think about your current membership management software, are any of these statements true? 

  1. Your printing and mailing costs are climbing. Why not offer mobile membership cards? They’re available instantly, difficult to lose and easy to replace. One organization estimates saving $30,000 a year by eliminating printing and postage costs. You can also provide a print-at-home option so members have options for how they want to manage their membership cards. In addition to saving time and money on mailing, mobile and print-at-home membership cards and welcome packets are an environmentally friendly alternative to postal mail packages.
  2. You’re not converting enough visitors and registrants to members. Every online sale is a membership opportunity if you can display how much money a member would save on the same purchase. And, every visit is a conversion opportunity if it’s easy to credit visitors’ admission prices to a membership purchase.
  3. The only meaningful benefits you can easily offer are discounts, even though members would value other incentives like priority registration for popular programs and members-only hours (both of which are valuable benefits that you can offer with no impact on revenue). Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can incentivize supporters to join your membership program.
  4. It’s not easy to sell memberships as a real-time linebusting technique. When ticket lines are long, can you deploy staff with tablets or smartphones to sell memberships offering immediate entry? This helps reduce wait time for everyone: guests who become members can enter immediately, and the more people leave the line to become members, the shorter the line is for everyone else.
  5. You don’t have integrated analytics and reporting that show all of your members’ activities, purchases and donations both online and at your location.

These issues (and many more) can be solved with integrated membership management software. Learn more about Doubleknot’s complete suite of online, on-site and mobile membership management software solutions to recruit, reward and retain your members.

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