More Information About Donation Enhancements

Coming Soon: Enhancements to Online DonationsAs we announced in December, we’re getting ready to launch several new features for online donations! Here are some of the improvements you’ll see in the next several weeks.

  • Form-Free Setup. You’ll be able to set up donation pages without creating a custom form. Your donation page can  include buttons to click for predefined amounts, and a field to enter a custom donation amount .
  • Easy Recurring Donations. New features will make recurring donations easy to set up and easier than ever for your donors to choose!
  • One-Step Payments. If the donation is the only item in the donor’s online purchase, you can choose to skip the shopping cart and take the donor directly to the payment page. (The shopping cart will still be displayed if the donor is also purchasing tickets, registrations, reservations, memberships or merchandise in the same transaction.)

                New donations features will be available soon (click to see full-size image)

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