Doubleknot Guest Blogging Guidelines

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Are you interested in writing an article for the Doubleknot blog?

If you have an educational topic you’d like to write about for the Doubleknot blog, send your submission ideas to Adrian Kimbell, who coordinates guest blogging, to discuss your topic and make arrangements.

Keep in mind, we’re looking for pieces of thought leadership that will stand out from the crowd and help our readership learn a new skill or hone an existing technique.

Here’s a rundown of our general guidelines:
  • Articles of substance — We’re looking for writing that delivers sound advice in a clear and accessible style. The primary goal of the blog is education, and articles should be written accordingly.
  • Careful editing — Doubleknot reserves the right to make final edits on any submitted content to ensure it fits the needs and standards of the blog. Additionally, any guest-authored article on the blog will go through a round of proofreading after submission and prior to publishing.
  • Appropriate length — In order to thoroughly cover a topic, we advise that submissions are 1,000+ words when possible.
  • Variety of links — Any links you include should be to educational materials—please nothing overtly promotional (such as a downloadable resource). We’re open to including up to 3 links back to your site within any article you write. We also ask that you include 2-3 links to Doubleknot content and links to educational content on third-party sites, where applicable.
  • Original and purchased images/graphics — We’re happy to include images in any articles you submit. However, please make sure you have the licenses/permissions to reprint any graphics or images you include. If you don’t have images, that’s okay, too; they’re not required.
  • Author bios — Send any byline and author bio information along with your article so that we can give you credit! Typically, our author bios include the author’s name, position, company, and any relevant background.

Would you like a member of the Doubleknot team to write for your blog?

Doubleknot team members regularly guest blog on other sites within the industry. If you’re interested in a contribution from Doubleknot, please reach out to Adrian Kimbell ( to make arrangements.

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David Mimeles is the Vice President of Sales & Marketing at DoubleKnot. His experience crosses many industries and sectors, such as nonprofits, health and fitness, high-tech manufacturing, and financial services. David’s applications development and integration experience focuses on enterprise applications including web content management, collaboration/knowledge management, imaging, document management and digital asset management. David holds an undergraduate degree in Computer Science from Rutgers University and an MBA from Santa Clara University.





Questions about the guidelines or guest blogging on the whole? Please get in touch with Adrian Kimbell for clarification.

Elissa Miller, M.Ed. is Doubleknot’s Communications Director.  As the former development director for a regional nonprofit, she’s passionate about helping nonprofits and youth-serving organizations effectively harness new technologies to streamline operations and support their missions. 

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