Get Your Money Faster with Direct Funds Deposit!

Direct Funds Deposit for Nonprofits from Togetherpay and Doubleknot!

Do you ever wish that your funds could be automatically deposited in your account without going through the steps to transfer funds?

If so, Doubleknot’s new direct funds deposit option is for you! As part of our Togetherpay offering, you can you can automatically deposit 100 percent of payments collected from credit card transactions directly to your bank account within two business days. The percentage and per-transaction fees will be collected as a single debit on the tenth day of the following month.

With direct deposit, you do not need to manually request funds transfer—all of your funds are automatically deposited into your account.

If you’re already using Doubleknot’s merchant account and want to learn more about Togetherpay or the direct funds deposit option, let us know at

If you’re using another payment processor and want to take advantage of Togetherpay’s features and benefits including lower per-transaction rates, direct funds deposit and one-stop customer service, please let us know at

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