NEW: Single-Page Forms and Surveys with Conditional Logic

We’ve made Doubleknot’s registration forms and surveys even easier for your customers to complete. When you create a registration form or survey, you can now choose whether the entire form will be displayed to your customers and visitors on a single page.

If your form uses conditional logic and you choose the single-page option setting, conditional items will automatically be displayed if and when the visitor meets the condition. For example, if a visitor indicates that they’d like to buy a T-shirt, you can display the size options on the same page. If a visitor doesn’t want a T-shirt, they never see the T-shirt size options.

Using the single-page display option doesn’t require any changes to the way you create forms and surveys. If you’re using conditional logic, you’ll still create the conditional item on a later page. When you select Display in One Page, all the pages in your form will be displayed on a single page and conditional items will be displayed automatically.

To use this feature, follow these steps:

  1. Display the Form Properties page. (If you’re creating a new form, this is the first page displayed.)
  2. In the Basic Options panel, select Display in One Page.
  3. Continue creating the form as usual.

Left: What the visitor sees next depends on which items they select.
Right: After the visitor selects the T-shirt option, sizes are displayed on the same page.

Doubleknot Support for Inline Conditional Logic

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