Upcoming Enhancements to Doubleknot Reporting

Thanks to everyone who attended our webinars on reporting this week! Here’s a summary of the reporting-related announcements that we covered:

  • The improved reporting interface will roll out in mid-November. We will provide you advance notice of the date.
  • To make it easier to find the information you’re looking for, we are organizing reports into categories (like “Accounting,” “Payments,” “Attendance,” etc.); renaming reports; and providing descriptions of each report. If you prefer the old report names, you can click a button to display them instead.
  • Some reports are scheduled for removal. If a report you use frequently is in the Scheduled for Removal category, don’t worry! Just contact us atdoubleknot@doubleknot.com and let us know. We will either recategorize the report or show you how to find the same information in a different report.
  • Reports will load faster! We have upgraded to the newest version of the Izenda reporting tool, and we’ve made changes to the database structure to make it faster for reports to access and return information.
  • Registration reports will now contain only the columns for data that is actually used in event configuration. For example, if you’re not using group registration, the group registration information columns will no longer be displayed.
  • We will publish comprehensive documentation on reporting including an index of every field that may be displayed on every report.

Reports will be organized by category and display a meaningful description. This is an example of the Accounting and Discount reports that are available from the Administer panel. 


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