BEST PRACTICE: Sharing URLs for Doubleknot Pages

If your organization uses SiteBrander to manage your web site, you already know about the DK Links feature that makes it easy to publish the correct link to reach anything in Doubleknot, including events, documents, surveys and more.

If you don’t use Site Brander or if you need to share links to Doubleknot pages in an email or another web site, follow these tips to make sure that you publish the right link:

  • To find the top-level link for any Doubleknot feature (such as the calendar, the event list, the event search feature, the facility calendar, facility search, newsletters, etc.), click Organization URLs in the Administer panel.
  • To find the link for a specific item, go to the top level of the item. The URL will be displayed at the top of the page. For example, the URL for a specific event is displayed on the Manage Event page; the URL for a specific photo album is displayed on the Create and Modify page for the photo album; etc.
  • On any management page that lists two URLs, copy and share the shorter “friendly” URL. In the following example for a Calendar Activity event, the best URL to share is highlighted in yellow. (The longer URL will also work, but it’s preferable to publish the shorter one.)

The correct URL to share for this event is highlighted in yellow

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