BEST PRACTICE: Use DK Links for Doubleknot Pages and Documents

The DK Links feature is the best way to include a link to a document; a registration page for events, programs, facilities, memberships, dues and fundraisers; or a store product. Using DK Links ensures that you always publish the right URL for the following:

  • Photo Albums
  • Site Brander
  • Newsletters
  • Documents
  • Document Folders
  • Store Products
  • Store Categories
  • Activities or Events
  • Feature List
  • Surveys
  • Home Page

You can use DK Links anywhere you use the Rich Text Editor, including Communications Center, Site Brander, Newsroom, and the details section for any item in Event Management and Memberships.

To create a link to a document or page in Doubleknot, follow these steps in the Rich Text Editor:

  1. Place the cursor where you want to create the link.
  2. Click the DK Links button. The Doubleknot Links window will be displayed. In the following picture, the DK Links button is highlighted in yellow.
  3. DKLinksOnToolbarIf the document or page you want to link to is in another organization, select the organization in the Display Links For: menu at the top right corner of the window.
  4. At the left of the window, click the heading for the kind of document or page you want to link to. A list of available items will be displayed.
  5. Locate the item that you want to link to.
  6. Click the green plus icon to the left of its name. Information about the link will be displayed at the bottom of the window.
  7. To change the words displayed to readers for the link, enter new text in the Link Name field. This text will contain the link to the document.
  8. To change the words displayed when a visitor hovers the mouse over the link, enter new text in the Tooltip field.
  9. Click OK. The link will be added to your document.

Adding a document in the DK Links window

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