Best Practices for Event Categories

Event categories are a powerful feature for organizing and communicating event information. At the most basic level, Doubleknot’s event categories make it easy to organize events into related groups. With event categories, you can:

  • Display related events on the organizational calendar. Visitors can display all events or only the events for a selected category.
  • Share the link to a page that lists all events in a certain category. For example, you might want to let visitors click a link to see all the Family Fun events in a list instead of on a calendar.
  • Define an upsell category that presents visitors with additional options related to their purchase. (More information about upsell categories will be included in next week’s Friday News.)

When you create or modify an event, you can assign it to a maximum of three categories on the Create and Modify page. You can create and modify categories, assign multiple events to categories, and choose where the category events are displayed using options within the Utilities tab in Event Management.

  • To create and modify categories, click Manage Categories.
  • To assign multiple events to a selected category, click Assign Events to Categories.
  • To include the contents of a category on the calendar, click Assign Categories to Calendar.
  • To find the URL that will display a viewer-friendly list of all the events in a category, including the description and available space, follow these steps:
  1. Click Manage Categories.
  2. Select the category you want to share.
  3. Select Modify Category.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Select and copy the URL in the Category URL field.

Complete information about event categories is located in the “Creating and Editing Calendar Activity Events User Guide” and in the online help.

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