What is the “Search and Select Owner” Page?

Sometimes, you or your staff will need to enter registration information on behalf of a constituent. To make it easy for administrators to register other people, you can use the Search and Select Owner page to look up the constituent’s member profile at the beginning of the registration process.

When a logged-on administrator begins a registration or reservation, the Search and Select Owner page is automatically displayed. When you select an owner, all of the information associated with that person—name, email address, etc.—will automatically be available for you to use during the registration. You can even access a list of people that the member has signed up before!

To search for and select the registration owner, follow these steps:

  1. In the fields, enter identifying information about the registration owner.
  2. Click Search. A list of member profiles matching the criteria will be displayed.
  3. If the registration owner’s profile is in the list, click Select and continue the registration.
  4. If the registration owner’s profile is not displayed, enter different criteria or click New Owner to begin the registration process.

For programs that use Group Signup, the Select Group page is displayed instead so you can look up existing information about the group.

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