All Basic Administrator Training Webinars Available Online

Videos for all three of the basic administrator training videos are now available online. These webinars are useful for new staff who’ve joined your organization as well as existing staff who haven’t been trained or who’d like to brush up their basic skills. (If your organization only has one person who uses Doubleknot, it’s a good idea to designate and train at least one backup administrator.)

  • Basic Administrator Training 1 of 3: Topics include setting up financial accounts, configuring calendar activity events for named and unnamed registrants, using registrant attributes and testing events.
  • Basic Administrator Training 2 of 3: Topics including using event forms, setting up payment schedules and billing reminder notifications, and posting payments and adjustments to a registration.
  • Basic Administrator Training 3 of 3: Topics include copying events, copying and moving registration forms, moving registrations from one event to another, setting up event categories, understanding event reports and using the Communication Center.

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