NEW: Auto-Save Updated Registrations for Group Signup Program

We’re pleased to announce a new feature that makes it easier to update registrations for group signup programs (like summer scouting camps). Several Doubleknot organizations operate programs where people can register for a block of space in advance, and then update their registration with names and class/activity selections later.

Previously, people who updated their registrations to select session events (classes and activities) had to complete the checkout process to save their selections, even if no additional fees were due. Now, you configure your group signup program to allow people to save session event selections for an existing registration without needing to complete the checkout process. Registration owners can simply log in, select the registration they wish to update, and make their changes. The changes will be automatically saved.

To enable this feature, follow these steps:

  1. Choose one of the following in the Programs tab in Event Management:
  • If you’re creating a new program, click New Program. The Manage a Program page is displayed.
  • If you’re updating an existing program or modifying a copy of a program, click the name of the program. The Manage a Program page will be displayed.
  1. In the Event Type menu, select Group Signup. The page will redisplay with options for group signup programs.
  2. In the Registrants and Classes menu, select Save updated session event selections (classes and activities) even if checkout is not completed.
  3. Follow the procedure to configure or change other options on this page as needed for your program.
  4. At the bottom of the page, click Save. Registration owners will be able to update session event selections for completed registrations without completing the checkout process again.

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