Minimize check-in lines on the first day of camp with built-in mobile check-in!

Even though the Northeast is facing a powerhouse blizzard right now, it’s definitely time to start planning for summer camp.

One of the biggest headaches for camps is long check-in lines on the first day; it’s just not efficient to look up each camper in a paper roster or files to confirm that all of their forms have been turned in and mark them as present. Dividing the lines into alphabetical groups can help a little, but sometimes it can seem like every kid’s last name starts with the same letter.

Doubleknot’s mobile check-in features empower camps to speed check-in lines because any staff member can check in any camper.  And, mobile check-in is part of every Doubleknot subscription with no additional charge.

To use mobile check-in for camps, follow these general steps:

  • Configure program sessions to issue a ticket. (All Doubleknot tickets automatically include a scannable QR code.)
  • Remind parents to bring a copy of the ticket or to be prepared to display it on their smartphones.
  • On check-in day, prepare your staff with the Doubleknot app on iOS devices or with computer-attached webcams. All they have to do is scan the QR code, and the camper is checked in! (Be sure to run through the check-in process a few times to make sure that the equipment is working properly and that your staff understands the process.)>

Of course, you can use mobile check-in for more than summer camps—it also speeds up the check-in lines for special events, classes, and field trips/group visits. Any time you need to check someone in, check out our mobile solutions.

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