Improvements to Communications Center “Add Recipients” feature for event/program registrants

In Communications Center, the options to add recipients from the address lists for events/fundraisers and from the address lists for programs have been reworded for clarity.

When you choose one of these options in the Add Recipients section, your choices are now:

  • All registrants and all registration owners: Sends the message to all registrants and registration owners who are registered for the event at the time that the message is sent.
  • Only registration owners: Sends the message to the registration owner for each registration at the time the message is sent. Registrants who are not registration owners will not receive the message.

As always, the mailing list is generated when the message is sent—people who register after you create the message but before the message is scheduled to be sent will receive the message. So, you can create and schedule all of your communications in advance with confidence that they’ll go to all of the right recipients.

New Communications Center address options for registration owners and registrantsCommCenterAddressOptions

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